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How It Works—Social Media

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Turn Your Facebook Business Page Into A Social Media Marketing POWERHOUSE!

Are you frustrated with social media marketing? Have you ever spent long hours writing posts, sharing content and adding photos to your albums, but feel like you’re getting NOWHERE? Do you feel like Facebook advertising is a waste of your hard-earned profits because you’re not getting the reach and response you anticipated?

If you answered “YES!” to one or more of these questions, turning to a professional Social Media Management team IS your solution!

One of the closest kept secrets of Facebook advertising and social media marketing is that most businesses do not have the tools to effectively grow their network and generate leads…

Get The Most Effective Social Media Strategy NOW!

(And The Best Part Is…It’s HANDS FREE!)

Cultivating your Facebook Business Page into a lucrative, successful porthole for an online audience to interact with your company and its products or services is a call or click away. Our professional team of experienced social media managers can work with you to design an online marketing campaign that garners the response you desire…all without a time investment on your part. We take the headache and tediousness out of your online networking so that you can focus more on the day to day functionality of your company.

Think about it…if you wanted to build a brand new storefront for your business, you would probably hire an experienced architect and contractor to design and execute your plans. Similarly, hiring experts in Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing platforms builds your online profile effectively, optimizing your company’s reach.


Step One:

Discuss your company, its offerings and your goals for your Facebook Business Page with our Social Media Management team.

  • Fine tune design elements for a fresh look and feel for your online network (optional)
  • Choose from various proven social media strategies
  • Outline upcoming events or promotions that should be highlighted
  • Provide details about your company, its vision and give examples of how you prefer to be represented online
  • Consider suggestions made by your assigned Social Media Manager

Step Three:

Approve Generated Posts

Our Facebook business page pros DO NOT post directly to your company’s timeline, unless you have given permission. Instead, we schedule your posts and alert you that a new campaign has been loaded on your behalf. You can login and review all of the materials, request changes when necessary and ALWAYS have complete control of what will post to your timeline.

Step Two:

Provide our team with the required materials

  • Gather and send any photographs or business branding materials you wish for our team to use
  • Provide documentation for upcoming events, such as fliers, links or other pertinent information (where applicable)
  • Give administrative access to your Social Media Manager
  • Update us when new events or promotions are being launched

Step Four:

Choose a post or several posts to promote for an effective Facebook advertising campaign

  • You can opt to highlight any of the posts that you wish
  • Either kick off the campaign yourself or you can request for your personal social media marketing team to monetize one or more particular posts.

Turning Your social media network into a powerful marketing tool has never been easier.

If you are ready to launch influential posts and a professional social media marketing strategy,

CALL US TODAY! 1 (888) 737-6782


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    "Their customer service was exceptional. We have gotten a great response from our customers, and we are very happy. I highly recommend."

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    "Great to work with these guys. Always available and ready to help out whenever needed. Thanks Josh, your services are top notch!""

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    "Josh is a great consultant and is quick to make necessary changes unlike typical Web people. I can't recall a time that I tried to call him and he didn't answer. Great work, thanks Josh"

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    "After dealing with a local shady company I got hooked up with the right guys! Thank you for listening to what I was looking for and following through! Great people to work with!"

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    "Awesome experience. Would highly recommend!"