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Cash On Hand Financial

Kelly Hilland - Guilderland, NY

My experience with Business Report Card (BRC) Inc., was a little rocky in the beginning but in the end, I got a great product. The first day my website went live, I got a customer and have received calls from customers on a daily basis ever since. BRC spent countless hours making sure all of my website needs were met and i'm sure it wasn't easy for BRC to capture all requirements for COH Financial. My webpage is awesome, it does exactly what it was intended to do. As a Financial Consultant who help companies obtain loans, my website can pre-qualify potential clients in 2 seconds. My site cuts through the red tape for customers so i'm not wasting my time and potential clients are not wasting there time. COH Financial also provides consultation for companies looking to grow and improve their income. The best thing about BRC is that you can call them to make adjustments to your website at anytime and at no additional cost. If you want customers I recommend you contact BRC company.

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Impeccable Credit Services

Vanessa Perry - Woodlands, TX

I have used Business Report Card to update my website to a mobile site. Josh and his team have been nothing less than exceptional. In my case, I was with a company I trusted for over 8 years paying excessive fees. I did not know much about websites and social media. However I was paying a large sum of money both up front and monthly. From time to time I would receive emails and phone calls advising there were problems with my website. I thought this was normal. Maybe since I had a new site, people are soliciting me? My current company would not give me any access to my back office to look at anything. If I needed seo's or anything done to my website, they would do it. Everybody I spoke with told me it was not right. Finally, I took a copy of the problems to my current company to fix. They said they had fixed them. THEN, I received a phone call from Business Report Card!! I let these guys know what I was going through, not to mention I lease office space from the guys who hosted my website. I let them know I was in a really tough spot! They worked diligently to make sure my current website would switch over seamlessly. This process was not easy for them as there were passwords that were unknown due to a prior divorce and just so many variables. Josh and his team handled my case with diligence and did it in a timely fashion! I love the design on my new mobile site! I was not easy to deal with as I am very particular and opinionated. They continue to host my site at a reasonable price. Every month I know they are actually updating my site as I received messages from Google and some of the other sites about passwords, etc. This is a big deal to me as before I paid a large monthly fee for hosting and it turns out my website had been out of date with the mobile conversion for 2 years without my internet guys letting me know...I office next door to them!!! Since I have transitioned over to Business Report Card, I have never received an email or a phone call letting me know my website is out of date or has problems. My phone calls from the mobile site were nonexistent. Now I receive messages and phone calls from people looking us up on their mobile devices!! Josh has given me tips on writing my blog correctly instead of the way my old company had it connected to my website. He has shared so much information with me concerning our rankings, business Facebook account, online presence, etc. I will be having Business Report Card redesign my website and do my SEO's in the next 3 weeks! I am so excited because I really put them through the ringer because of what I had been through in the past. These guys are honest, transparent and just great people along with being patient and doing things the right way! Thank You Business Credit Report Card for giving my business online presence back!! We at Impeccable Credit Services are forever grateful!!

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Chimney Care Professionals

Jerry White - Jewett City, CT

These guys are FANTASTIC!! I hate to think of all the money and time I have wasted on a number of companies that were supposed to set up a website or do SEO work for me, making all kinds of promises only to end up with nothing to show for it. Not only was it a complete waste of time and money that I paid them but of course got no business growth from it! The last one was with a big company and I thought that THEY would definitely have the knowledge how to do it right. That cost me close to $7,000.00 and I got NOTHING from it and another year wasted!! After being a client of his for the past year or so, I am SO glad I went with him!! He returns phone calls! He takes as much time as it takes to explain and/or show me what it is that I'm trying to figure out or need to do! He has gone OUT OF HIS WAY to help me in different matters, even helping to keep the previous company from suing me when I refused to pay them any more money before the contract was up! He even checked out what they had done and found out that what they did was of absolutely no benefit to me whatsoever because it had been done wrong! He and his company have developed programs that do what no one else has the ability to do! He even gave me his cell phone number to be able to get hold of him in emergencies. Since I am fairly ignorant when it comes to all this stuff, he has sent me what I need to be able to do different things, e.g. an email I can send to my customers for them to be able to type out a review on me with links they can then click on for it to be able to go where it needs to go. I am very impressed, very satisfied, and HIGHLY recommend him! I only wish I had gotten hold of him in the beginning!!!

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Cozy Creek Family Campground

Kristie Lacy - Tunkhannock, PA

After dealing with a local shady company I got hooked up with the right guys! Thank you for listening to what I was looking for and following through! Great people to work with!

Ashtons Alley

Pat Heraty - New York, New York

Our restaurant was in dyer need of a new website. After many failed attempts we discovered Business Report Card. The representative was not only well versed on what we needed but their customer service was exceptional. We have gotten a great response from our customers, and we are very happy. I highly recommend, they will not disappoint.

Sommer Sound Systems

Bill Sommers - Panama City, FL

Great to work with these guys. Always available and ready to help out whenever needed. Thanks Josh, your services are top notch!

Family Pet Hospital

Dr. Skees - Woodstock, GA

Awesome experience. Would highly recommend!

Foxcreek Kennel

Jessica Wistuk - Buffalo Junction, VA

Josh is a great consultant and is quick to make necessary changes unlike typical Web people. I can't recall a time that I tried to call him and he didn't answer. Great work, thanks Josh!