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How Effective Is YOUR Company’s Online Marketing Strategy?

If you don’t have an immediate answer with concrete metrics and examples of success, your marketing and advertising could be COSTING you more than you are profiting from your business!

Internet marketing can become a drain on both your money AND your time if your advertising is not bringing you the customers that your company needs. Between investing countless hours doing marketing research and the financial outlay for designing and launching a campaign, business owners stand to lose a great deal…and may not even know it.

Measuring the efficacy of your online marketing strategy has gotten more difficult with the introduction of so many new social media platforms, review sites and promotional tools; it can be almost impossible for a business owner to check how well their company’s website is being promoted or perform effective search engine rank tracking tasks. The tools have simply not been available for this to be possible…

Until Now!

Business Report Card can help you hone your marketing strategy by offering you a simple, hands free way to conduct rank tracking tasks across multiple websites and search engines for complete, accurate metrics. With that information, you can deprecate marketing and advertising that is ineffective and use SEO tools to improve your online rankings.

Our team has dedicated decades’ worth of marketing research and refined advertising campaigns across the United States to bring you this powerful, automatic rank tracking tool. What would take several hours to do manually is completed within minutes and your website is scored in ALL pertinent marketing and advertising areas to reveal the weaknesses in your current methodology. From there, our Business Development Professionals can suggest ways to fix problems that are keeping online customers from finding your website and purchasing your products or services instead of your competitor’s.

Knowing The Problem Is Half The Battle…

Don’t stay in the dark about how your marketing strategy is affecting your profits! Let our rank tracking and SEO tools start cultivating your online customer base and grow YOUR business. Call today.


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    "Awesome experience. Would highly recommend!"